Becky Makous

I am a sex and relationship coach trained at the Somatica Institute and have worked closely with Janel Vitale, a well known sex and relationship expert.

My goal is to help you feel seen and emotionally held in every session. I work to teach skills to help you connect to your body, express your emotions, hold boundaries for yourself, nurture your inner child, and learn skills around intimacy and relationships, while celebrating your authentic self!

I use an empathetic and attuned approach to model secure attachment and reduce internalized shame. I can help you find your core desire, nurture your inner child, work with boundaries, learn tools in your relationship, and much more. I want to help you build a more authentic connection to yourself and create more nourishing connections around you.

I am driven to help people create loving, sustainable, and authentic relationships. I work internationally with couples or individuals online and have experience supporting expats, polyamorous folks, and the LGBTQ community.

I grew up living all over the world, but I am currently in counseling master's program at Webster University in Leiden, and I am planning to become a licensed professional counselor.


More About Becky

Growing Up Internationally

Because of my parent's jobs, I grew up living all over, including Southeast Asia, West Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Moving around every 2-3 growing up has given me a travel bug, and I've spend my early twenties traveling, and have visited or lived in over 50 countries!


Coming of Age in Vermont

I went to undergrad at the University of Vermont, and fell in love with the beauty and culture of Vermont, with it's local food movement, rolling hills, cheddar cheese, musicians and artists, skiing, and down-to-earth energy.

I've worked part-time in the mental health field throughout college, and after graduating worked at a wilderness therapy guide for a year, teaching troubled teens primitive living skills like how to make a bow drill fire and interpersonal skills like communicating feelings effectively.

career doing this work: helping people move through trauma, build skills in their sex life and relationships, and find fulfillment in their own bodies.

Travel Adventures

Then I took six months to traveling: biking around Iceland, volunteering in Nicaragua, and visiting various intentional communities. I've also had the opportunity to sit and serve a 10-day Vipassana meditation.


Community Living

I ended up moving to and living in Twin Oaks Community in central Virginia for two years, where I learned about so much: herbalism, cheese-making, acroyoga, event planning, large-scale cooking, project management, healthy polyamorous relationships, group decision making, massage, building maintenance and carpentry, and countless intangible things that have stayed with me.

Building a Tiny House

Then I moved to another community in the Cascade mountains of Oregon, a worker-owned, off-grid, hot springs resort called Breitenbush Hot Springs. I met my partner there, but I had only been there a year and a half when a wildfire came through and destroyed the community and hot springs, during the pandemic. In the aftermath of that, I chose to spend my time building and selling a tiny house.

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Sex and Relationship Coaching

It was when I started practicing sex and relationship coaching I realized I finally found what I want to do with my life. I've had a number of clients, both couples and individuals, and I've been able to see my positive impact in shifting couples' sex lives and increased communication, even session to session.

I absolutely love the work. My goal is to help you feel seen and emotionally held in every session, to give you skills to help you connect to your bodies, tools express their emotions, provide tools for you to hold boundaries for yourself, and tools to hold space for your partner(s).

Graduate School

After so much searching, I feel like I finally found the thing I'm supposed to do with my life. I found the perfect intersection of 1) something I'm good at, 2) something I enjoy, 3) something I can live off of, and 4) something that serves the world. I realized that I want a career doing this work. I am currently in a Counseling Psychology Master's Program in the Netherlands, and I am planning to become a licensed counseling, specializing in sex and relationships. I can't wait!



Becky created such an accepting environment - it really helped me open up and be honest with my partner and myself. I learned how to be more communicative, how to not take things personally but instead work with my partner to find a solution, and how to prioritize intimacy in our relationship.

-- Danielle

"The coaching calls with Becky were some of the most helpful and productive for my growth. The homework, exercises, and role play helped a lot. She helped me understand things that didn't make sense to me as much, and how to tune into those in a way that compliments who I already am. Stepping into a power of something I previously didn't even understand was a major growth for me."

-- Dave, personal trainer

"After many discovery calls with different therapists, counselors, and coaches, my (former) partner and I found our match with Becky! From the very beginning her methodology with "the work starts now" was transformative. She met us where we were at from session to session and was able to pivot depending on our current emotional state and our needs."

-- Shea

"Thank you so much for helping me find confidence and letting me prioritize my cock in my life and all the life and energy it can give if I allow it to!"

-- Nate, teacher

"Becky is empathetic, vulnerable, present, validating, and truly connects with her clients. I recommend her to my closest family and friends for whatever goals they are trying to achieve or difficulty to work through. I look forward to continuing my healing journey with the tools she has equipped me with. Thank you!"

-- Michaela

"I've spoken about this process with so many people and all have been blown away. I'm quite a different person these days thanks to you. My former partner and I are very close and see each other a lot and I'd say our relationship is better now than before. Thank you."

-- Ryan

"I learned to put myself first. I realized what I was asking for in a partner I was neglecting with myself. Before I can move forward in redefining my relationship and relationship with others, I needed to find me again."

-- Tyanna

"Becky creates a sacred space in her sessions. She honors the relationship between us and brings a feeling of gratitude and openness that creates a beautiful feeling of safety and vulnerability."

-- Bud, clinical psychologist

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