What do you need help with?

Sexuality Incompatibility

Differences in what arouses you or mismatch in sexual frequency. I will help you find the common ground and learn to speak each other's sexual languages

Emotional Disconnection

When you're feeling emotionally disconnected from your partner, I can give you tools to rebuild emotional attunement, foster communication and connection, and give tools to navigate relationship conflict

Internalized Sexual Shame

Maybe you feel embarrassed or ashamed of your desires or sexuality. We can overcome that and move to a place of self-love and acceptance

Navigating Ethical Non-Monogamy

When one partner wants to open up and the other is struggling. I am familiar with polyamory and can help navigate discussion around those desires and transition


Rebuilding trust and moving to a place of love and understanding after broken relationship agreements

Sex and Relationship Skills

Here are some of the skills we focus on in sex and relationship coaching

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Erotic Embodiment

Breathwork to nourish and nurture your sexuality. Tune into the wisdom of your body

Self and Partner Attunement

Noticing, communicating, and respecting boundaries
Communication exercises
Nonjudgmentally holding space for emotions and sensations as they arise

Sitting Meditation
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Vulnerable and authentic sharing

My goal is model secure attachment and help you feel seen and emotionally held in the space we share

Explore your core desires

Discover and name the kind of sex makes you feel alive. It under the category of passion, romance, power, spiritual, or maybe something else. Finding and nourishing your core desire is deeply healing

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Nurture your inner child

Tend to your old wounds and practice radical self-compassion and self-love

Celebrate your sexuality

Unlearn shame and celebrate the unique and beautiful being that is you!

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Packages & Rates

Weekly or biweekly meetings
Homework and session summary emails after every session
Personalized coaching journey based on your needs
Experiential exercises to gain emotional muscle memory
Safe container to heal and grow

Single session

55-minute session x1

6 session package

55 minute sessions x 6
654 ($109/session)

12 session package

55-minute sessions x 12
1,152 ($96/session) 
Most popular option

18 session package

55-minute sessions x 18
1,476 ($82/session)
Best value

One Time Only Special

50-minute sessions x 16
800 ($50/session)
Starting in mid-January

*6 slots available*

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Monthly payment plans available

"It was so amazing to meet you yesterday! It was a very healing experience and I realized how much I have to explore and heal. I am very excited to go forward and get a package."

Sabina, after a Discovery Session